I Sold My Businesses Book

I Sold My Business is practacle advice you can use on how to succesfully sell your business. We mix in stories and how to guides and the importance of each detail so that you can achieve the final reward for your years of hard work.

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Sellers Consulting

Staging a business for sale is harder than building the business. We offer practacle consulting services to help you achieve the ultimate goal of selling your business.

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Three decades in business is a long time. We have had countless lessons over the years building businesses and here is where you will find articles, tips, hints, helpful news and much more on your journey to sell your business.

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Lets Get Your Business Sold!

One of the single most exciting things I have done in my life is build businesses. There is nothing like coming up with an idea stratagizing about it and launching a business from it.

Every entrepenuer feels this excitement. We are a little different that way because we are always chasing something.

Our main goal is to help you achieve the reward of your hard work by selling your business.

Our book is designed as a how to guide mixed in with some chicken soup. We will give you a step by step guide surrounded by real life experiences.

We have bought, sold, and brokered many deals over the past 30 years and our goal is to help you cross the finish line so you can reach your next act in life whatever that maybe.



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